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With the growing number of products on our online shop we have made a few changes to enhance your experience and make things easier to find.

1) We have categorized "Seasonings", "Spices", and "Rubs." They're no longer together in the same place.
A seasoning is a blend of spices, sugars, and sometimes salt to create a particular flavor that enhances the taste of food.
A spice is a single substance used to flavor food.
Knowing the difference will help you out. If you have trouble finding something please just ask!
2) We have also separated the candy and chocolate!
3) We have put everything as far as seasonings & spices go in alphabetical order. So if you're looking for "steak seasoning" scroll down some to the Ss!
4. Make use of the search feature to better help you!
5. To minimize scrolling we are only displaying a certain number of products per page, however, you can change this at the bottom of the online store to your liking. 

Have an amazing day! 

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